Oklahoma Home and Community-Based Services Waiver
Developmental Disabilities Service Division, a division of OKDHS, serves individuals who are 3 years of age and older who have mental retardation and certain persons with related conditions who would otherwise require placement in an intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded.

To be eligible for the community waiver, a person must:

Have critical support needs that cannot be met by the In-Home Supports waivers or other service alternatives
To be eligible for any of the DDSD waiver programs, a person must:

Must qualify financially for SoonerCare (Baised on the individuals income, not the family)
Have a disability with a diagnosis of mental retardation, determined by the Social Security Administration or the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Level of Care Evaluation Unit
Be 3 years of age and older
Be determined to meet the ICF/MR Institutional Level of Care requirements by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Level of Care Evaluation Unit
Meet waiver specific eligibility criteria

The following is the URL, to obtain phone numbers, to request a waiver application for Oklahoma.

Arkansas Alternative Community Services (Home and Community Based) Waiver

The Alternative Community Services Waiver is a Medicaid–funded program that offers an array of services to persons with developmental disabilities in their homes and communities. Adults and children with various health and social needs may be eligible for a variety of support services, modifications to the home, or specialized medical supplies.

This waiver serves those with a developmental disability, which under Arkansas law is mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism or any other condition similar to mental retardation that requires services similar to what a person with mental retardation would require (severe traumatic brain injury for example). All ages are served as long as the age of onset of the disability is prior to the 22nd birthday. Mental retardation is defined as an IQ of approximately 70 or below. The disability must be severe enough that the individual meets the level of care criteria for admission to an intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded (ICF/MR). See "Who to Contact," below, for more information or to apply for services.

For further information, please call (501) 683-0569.