Reasons to Help our Organization

At Developmental Wings - we welcome donations as we are completely supported by donations, fundraisers, and grants.

Why should you donate to Developmental Wings? Because we are extremely efficient at providing fantastic services for people in our area.   We organized in early 2008 and have quickly established beneficial programs for those with developmental disabilities. To date, we have provided all services to particpants at no cost.

Our group is staffed by a team of volunteers with 100% of our funds going to create and sustain our unique programs.  We ask you to think about donating to Developmental Wings, Inc., and we promise to be good stewards of any generosity you entrust us with. The table below provides an overview of our costs for our most popular activities. Remember your contributions are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.

Sponsor a Child
Activity Cost per Session Cost per Season
Horseback Riding $25 $325
Bowling $6.50 $85
Art and Music $8 $160
Field Trips $15 $45

Thanks in advance for helping special needs children get their wings!

Please help us help kids!!

Donate to Developmental Wings, Inc.

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